cinnamon pecan marshmallows

so, you may have already heard (numerous times) about one of the newest additions to sweet & sara's product line, the cinnamon pecan marshmallow. when i first saw them at vegan essentials–i'll be honest–i thought, "that looks weird," and i pretty much passed them right by. over the following weeks, however, i kept hearing from all corners of vegandom about how delicious they are–and i mean crazy-ridiculous amounts of praise. don't get me wrong, i really like sweet & sara marshmallows, and i absolutely adore the s'mores treats (peanut butter version ftw!), but i don't know, a cinnamon pecan marshmallow just seemed a little "out there" to me or something. anyhow, after hearing about them for the 47th time, i decided we'd better go ahead and buy a little container of them. we did so on sunday, with a friend, and as each one of us chewed slowly, we all agreed: yes, they're that good. 

if the new dandies are your go-to marshie for campfire roasting, krispie treats, and popping into your mouth by the handful (yes, yes, and yes please), then these cinnamon pecan lovelies are the decadent dessert marshmallow that you use to reward yourself for being good all day. there's room for all marshies, not to worry.



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