whining into the ether

i think my blog readership has really dwindled, so i feel i can safely whine: my sabbatical is over! i had to go back to school today after a whole year off! *sob*

today was the nefarious First Contract Day, during which we always have a horrible long faculty meeting planned, followed by a new graduate student welcome session thingie, followed by another horrible long faculty meeting the next day. barf. school doesn't even officially start until september 2nd, but we have to get the new semester rubbed in our faces early. what fun! 

and now, because i'm a course director, i get to cap off the week (tuesday afternoon through friday) with TA training. which isn't horrible, i will admit, but it's still kind of crazy for me to suddenly have a normal 40-hour 9-to-5 workweek after a year off… especially when i never work those kinds of days/hours any other week of the year, sabbatical or no.

one of my BIG goals for this year is to learn how to more properly balance work, leisure, family, relationship, and self-care. i'm going to make an explicit point of doing this, come hell or high water. first task is finding and enrolling in a yoga class, preferably one i can attend more than once per week. i might have found one on campus(!) but i have to investigate further to see if it's really something i can enroll in. fingers crossed!


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