museum of animal perspectives

okay, this is probably one of the cooler things i've seen. apparently there is a guy, named sam easterson, who came up with the idea to facilitate animal empathy by giving us a bird's eye view. voila, the museum of animal perspectives! i have no idea what the camera-rigging situation is, so if anyone does, please enlighten me. i'm going to assume (for now) that it's a relatively harmless process, because the animals all seem pretty chill, but i honestly don't know. 

i think i just lost several hours of productivity (such as it is). these are such nifty little clips! the armadillo makes me homesick for austin, and the bison drinking from the stream makes me smile. i also love the little baby chick running through the barnyard. ooh, and in the wolf chasing garter snake clip, you can hear other wolves howling in the background. so much awesome!



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