the daiya cheese, omg

so tell me, have you tried the daiya cheese? because i have, this week, and it is quite something. i had to wait awhile for it to make its way inland, but it was worth the wait. i picked up a bag of the mozz shreds and a bag of the cheddar shreds, with no particular plans in mind, and my husband got to experimenting a couple of days ago. 

with the mozz shreds, he made a pizza (but of course!), and when he was assembling said pizza, i stole a few teensy schnipsels, and they were really tasty! the pizza turned out very well, although the daiya didn't get gooey/melty like we'd expected (we didn't do the broiler trick, because we didn't realize it would need that). still, it was hot, and delicious, and it stretches! it seems rather salty, which i think is a good thing, because it tastes more like dairy cheese (i.e., old familiar flavors). i ate three pieces of pizza and restrained myself from eating a fourth. yum. definitely looking forward to seeing how the daiya would do in something like a lasagna.

last night, my husband surprised me by making grilled cheese sammies with the cheddar shreds. he made his a ham 'n cheese (the yves slices); i went the traditional plain cheese route. again, i tried not to get my hopes up, but i needn't have worried. when i got my sandwich, i peeked inside at the cheese and it was not only fully melted, but it was stuck to each piece of bread and stretchy in between. eureka! the sandwich was sooooo yum, i said so about 8 times while eating it. delicious. 

they sell the shreds in giant bags, and you can also get huge blocks if you want to do the shredding yourself. i'm hoping daiya takes off like wildfire and we start to see it in "regular" stores soon, a la follow your heart and teese. things are looking up, folks!


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