five years today

well, i did it. i made it to the mythical five-year point. i have no idea why, but five years is a milestone that i've been hoping to get to ever since i celebrated my first vegan anniversary. i think maybe it just sounds more "official" or more "i've been doing this for quite awhile now" or more "standard increments of years." heh, i don't know. i just know that i've been looking forward to getting to five years, and now it's here. yay! (and, because i always like to point out my good company… happy 5 years to ryan at vegblog, too!)

i just went back and read my post from last year, and it made me sad. i had forgotten how crappy that day was. but i had also forgotten the nice little jazz guitar guy, so it was fun to remember that. journaling is your friend sometimes!

i brought treats today, like kids do on their birthday. i have six teaching assistants, and so far in the past two months we've celebrated three of their birthdays, which all happened to fall on our staff meeting days (isn't that wild?). i've been bringing these awesome giant vegan cookies from a restaurant nearby, and they are always well-received. so, today is another staff meeting, and another celebration. i baked the fantabulous pumpkin muffins from vegan with a vengeance and i'm looking forward to tearing into them.

as usual, i had envisioned some sort of to-do for my vegan anniversary, but then didn't actually plan one. i thought about having a little party, or hosting a dinner, or going out to dinner, or something. apparently i still have that problem i was talking about last year. instead i will spend the day at school, teach a class, have a staff meeting, go to yoga, and then maybe attend a screening of fowl play hosted by our vegan outreach group. i'm not sure about that last piece yet; i'm not really the type to watch screenings because they make me cry… but i still want to be supportive because i'm the adivsor for the group. we'll see.

five years ago, i had no idea what i was doing. i just knew that i was going to give veganism a shot. i didn't tell anyone at first, because i was afraid i would screw up, afraid that they wouldn't understand, afraid that i wouldn't be able to explain myself well. i had no idea it was going to be so easy. here's to many more!



  1. Hi-five!
    For me, as I mentioned in my post, 5 years is important because it’s longer than the time that I was vegetarian.
    Here’s to 11 (or more!) 5-year veganversaries!

  2. Congrats! It does really show that you’re serious about it. I was just short of my 5 yr veganversary when someone asked me how long I had been vegan. Turned out she had been vegan 5 years and then didn’t care anymore. I was glad to be able to show I wasn’t going to do that, that I was committed!

  3. Congrats congrats! 🙂 You’re super fun, aren’t you? I don’t know what day it was that I went vegan 10 years ago….I love (& am jealous) that you celebrate. 🙂 and that you brought Isa’s PUMPKIN MUFFINS!! (Drool!) to share the love. 🙂
    wish you lived closer. xo Leanne

  4. Congratulations!
    If watching videos about cruelty makes you cry (I’m the same way), and you’re an advisor to the group, you could help change the screening plans to perhaps reach more people more effectively. What if they showed films about how wonderful animals are, instead of ones showing their degradation and abuse? Maybe even more people would come to the screenings! Just an idea…

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