brushing cat teeth

so, one of our kitties had to have a dental cleaning today. this was my first experience ever with such an ordeal, and it was a little stressful. the kitty in question, finley, had to be anesthetized for the procedure, and i'm a worrywart so of course i cried after we left him at the vet this morning. in happier news, our vet is awesome and she called me as soon as his cleaning was done to let me know that everything went well, and that i could "stop worrying." she knows me.

anyhow, of our three animals, finley is the only one with not-so-great teeth. our other kitty is 4 years older, and his look great! and our greyhound's teeth are awesome (which is atypical for greyhounds) because my husband is a rock star about brushing hers. so… now that finley has had his dental cleaning, we're going to make a much better point of maintaining his dental health. 

our vet recommended using the dental wipes that you can get at pet supply stores, so we're planning to give that a try. does anyone have experience with those? can anyone give recommendations or other input about how to pick a wipe, or how to do the actual brushing? finley is a very docile and sweet boy, but he does "spook" sometimes, and any tips on keeping a cat calm and floppy for cleaning-time would be much appreciated. 


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  1. I adopted a full grown dog from the pound, and I tried to brush her teeth for about a year before I finally had to give up … I’ve never gotten the hang of it. I can’t imagine trying to clean my cat’s. Luckily she’s got good teeth, too. good luck with it! Please let us know how it goes or if you find any good tricks 🙂

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