turkey time of year

it's that time again, peeps! everyone thinking of thanksgiving and saying "gobble gobble" and "happy turkey day" and all that nonsense. meh. last year, we hosted a vegan thanksgiving(!!) at our house (due to a series of coincidences that allowed us to offer), but it looks like this year we'll be back at the grandparental home, with meat. i'm sad. my mom is preparing "only" breast meat, because she "can't handle" an entire bird, but it's really all the same difference. plus, that side of the family also puts sausage in the stuffing. :sad face:

yesterday, i got an email from our adorable tiny neighborhood co-op, and it included the following paragraph:

The co-op's also offering special order pies for the holiday season- we're stepping it up with five kinds this year: Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Strawberry Coconut Custard, Cranberry Raspberry, Dutch Apple and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream.  All are vegan and made with organic ingredients- just stop in the cafe and ask about ordering one.  We're also giving members the chance to order local, organic turkeys again- just ask for an order form at the checkout counter.  I've met these turkeys the last couple years, they're well-kept and what you'd picture when you think free range.

the first two sentences made me go "oh! yay!" but then the next two sentences immediately bummed me out.

i guess this means it's time for me to adopt my farm sanctuary turkey.


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