isa’s cookie book

i'm pretty much chomping at the bit to get isa's new cookbook, vegan cookies invade your cookie jar. when the cupcake book came out, i became completely obsessed with cupcakes (like a zillion other people), and while i generally buy anything with isa's name on it with knee-jerk quickness… at first i thought i might not be a "cookie person." don't get me wrong, i looooove to eat cookies, but i don't typically bake cookies. i'm more of a cakes/cupcakes/bars/brownies type of girl. (the only exception is the veganized version of my grandma's chocolate chip cookies, which are delicious and i am always happy to make.) well anyhow, that has all changed. i recently made one of the recipes from isa's new cookie book after she gave a little preview on her blog (the mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles, if yer curious), and they were SO delicious (and so easy!) that i made them twice in two days. i think i might just become a cookie person after all.


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