bittersweet as usual

i really love volunteering at the humane society every monday, but i really see my share of crap, and it makes me hate (some) people sometimes. today, for instance, i met one of the cutest little puppies ever. she's probably about 3 or 4 months old, a black pit bull mix with adorable white markings, and she's friendly as all get-out. she's lovey-dovey and gives kisses and is everyone's friend. she is also horrifyingly skinny. and are you ready for the kicker? she arrived yesterday, covered in lighter fluid. some assface kids had poured it all over her, and were picking on her, and calling her "pit bull bait," when a woman who does TNR saw them and rescued her. this sweet little puppy, who was probably wagging her tail while they tormented her. it makes me want to vomit. all i can do now is keep reminding myself that she's in the right place, and now she'll have a chance to get healthy and go to a wonderful home… but wow, it's hard to focus on the positive sometimes.



  1. i remember hearing a similar story on a news station when i was a little kid. i can remember how completely upset and devastated i was that anyone could possibly do something like that, especially to a tiny puppy. a tiny puppy who, like you said, was probably wagging its tail the whole time. thank god someone was there to save this puppy and that you can give her lots of love while you are volunteering. give her a little hug for me šŸ™‚

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