friendly face in the crowd

today after class, one of my students came down to the front of class to talk to me. my lecture is pretty big (260+ students), so i don't really get to know the vast majority of my students. usually, if they come to talk to me (rather than just going straight to their TA), it's either because they want to complain about a grade or they want to tell me a funny story that they thought of during lecture. (guess which one of those i prefer? heh.)

so anyhow, today as i'm packing up my laptop i hear a friendly girl say my name, and when i look up, she's handing me a piece of folded up paper. she said, "i thought you might be interested in this… it's for a vegan thanksgiving here in town?" i was a little surprised, because i never talk about veganism in class (although, to be fair, i have a "go vegan" message in my email sig file, and one of my TAs has talked about my veganism with her discussion sections, so i'm not exactly closeted, either). 

anyhow, based on what she said i think she saw it on my facebook page (i'm listed as the faculty advisor for a vegan outreach group on campus). i thought it was so cute and sweet of her to bring me the flyer for vegan thanksgiving! i thanked her, and asked if she was… "vegetarian, or…?" i went for the conservative guess because i didn't want to make her feel weird if all she was doing was bringing something to my attention, you know? she immediately smiled and said she was vegan. squee! i got all excited and said, "oh yay! i kind of want to hug you right now! can i hug you right now?" and she said yes and gave me a big hug. I AM SUCH A HUGE DORK. thank goodness there are people out there who indulge my dorkiness. 

i encouraged her to get involved in the campus vegan outreach group, and i'm going to make a point to tell her about meetup too. isn't it silly (but awesome) how we feel an instant connection when we find a random vegan? yay! 



  1. I love that weird, automatic connection there is when meeting another vegan for the first time (especially if you’re somewhere where veganism isn’t considered “normal”). It’s like, in that moment, you know that you both “get it,” and that provides enough of a base for any other discussion you may have.

  2. the problem only comes when you then keep talking and find out that they’re wacky reactionaries or crazy racists or extreme nationalists or all three. then there’s the weird disjuncture of “huh… i thought we were on the same page?”

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