sore feet, full belly

almost every nablopomo, i end up going to a convention and blogging from the hilton. this year is no exception! i also usually have at least one post cursing the hilton, because the internet dies right in the middle of my posting and i have to re-up and i get all cranky. but that won't happen this time, because this time our national organization sprung for free wifi in the rooms. woo hoo!

anyhow, we're in chicago for the next four days, and that means one thing: seeking out the vegan restaurants. tonight we headed to karyn's cooked, a place we've visited several times before. we walked about two miles, and halfway there i bought squishy gel insoles for my boots because my heels were killing me (they're crappy cheapo boots), but once we made it there, a lot of delicious food was waiting for us. 

i decided to order a strawberry-banana smoothie because it just sounded good, and i was not disappointed. it was perfect. the soup of the day was creamy sweet potato (omg! it's like they knew i was coming!), so of course i had a cup of that. it was amazingly good; i could have eaten it forever. and it comes with a side of cornbread, yum. for dinner i hemmed and hawed for quite awhile (it's always a blessing and a curse to be able to order anything off the menu), but eventually settled on the flautas. they came with a side of refried black beans, a side of guacamole, and some super-delicious tomatillo sauce. i also asked if they would bring me a side of their cheesy sauce, which they did. i pretty much cut up the flautas and mixed everything else in and went nuts. it was fabulous and i thought i would explode by the time i was done.

we walked the two miles back to our hotel, hopefully walking off some of the calories in the process, and now i'm being a slug in the hotel room. i'm not sure where we'll go next, but i'm pretty sure a trip to the diner is in store, and we'd also really like to check out handlebar. mmm, chicago food.



  1. Mmmmm…banana smoothie sounds super delish!! I love smoothies so much 🙂 and Chicago smoothies? I do recommend that you try the natural pain cream from Topricin! I use their foot cream and it feels wonderful when my feet are sore and achy! Thanks for such a cute post 🙂

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