almost exploded from food

holy smokes did i ever overdo it tonight. yikes. after another day of near-fasting (i ate an apple cider muffin and a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast and snack, respectively–both procured from the diner last night), we headed out to a new (to us) place for dinner. we finally got to handlebar after hearing about it from all sorts of people, and it did not disappoint. it was busy, but we were seated right away, and our server was very friendly and helpful. we ordered an appetizer of samosas, and then we both ordered the vegan chicken buffalo wrap. i had a side of garlic mashed potatoes, husband had a salad (he's such a good boy). 

we realized right after our entrees arrived that our samosas had never shown up, and i should have listened to my instincts and just let it be, but instead i asked the server to bring them anyway. ugh, what a mistake. there was So Much Food i thought i would die. the buffalo wraps were *super* tasty, spicy and ranchy all at once. we both loved them. the garlic mashed potatoes were heavy on the garlic (yay) and really really good, and the samosas were good as well, but i really thought i was going to explode and we had to make ourselves stop before we regretted it. we left without dessert, and attempted to walk off some calories. urp.


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