only two more meal posts, i promise

i know i just keep blogging about what i ate today, but i can't help it! i'm gorging myself on delicious vegan restaurant food and i feel compelled to share. 😉 tonight, we decided to head back to the diner for another go. we had some "convention parties" to attend tonight (our own department's, as well as our alma mater's), so we headed over for a really early dinner before the parties started. i had the country fried steak, which comes with mashed potatoes, and i also had a little side of mac and cheese. ha! a side of starch with your starch, miss? the server didn't even bat an eye, and in fact he said with very good humor, "well it's not like people come here to eat health food!" awesome. i then, of course, had a pumpkin shake for dessert. that thing is seriously the best shake on the planet, no exceptions, no lie. 

tomorrow morning we have brunch in store, so i'll blab about that once it's been eaten, but then i promise to stop my obsessive meal-blogging. 


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  1. I was in Chicago in March and got the most delicious shake I’ve ever had! It was caramel and chocolate cookie or something like that. It was amazing. I think it’s worth the trip to Chicago just for those shakes, so I can understand you wanting to talk about all the great food you’re having!

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