dr. oz is annoying

let me begin by saying that dr. oz has always bugged me. he's a hugely enormous gigantic proponent of (and participant in) vivisection, which automatically makes him a massive tool in my humble opinion. and it drives me bonkers that he's held up as this wonderful amazing "doctor for the people" and that everyone thinks his word is gospel. ugh. 

so imagine my surprise when i saw (via someone's facebook last week) that he had some guy on his show adopt a vegan diet for 28 days in order to improve his health. the guy in question is "rocco the cowboy," and i watched a 10-minute segment that showed rocco's transformation and apparent adoption of a vegan diet, and by all accounts it sounds like he's planning to stick with it. yay for rocco. of course, it probably doesn't even need to be said that dr. oz never once mentions animals; this is entirely a health-based argument, so we already know he's not necessarily on my team here.

after watching rocco's segment, i clicked through to check out dr. oz's "go vegan" page, and let's just say it's sorely lacking in awesome. 

first, he totally misuses the term 'vegan' when he explains that "many vegans also choose not to purchase items made from leather or that have been tested on animals, but the commitment that you bring to veganism is your own." um, wrong. ALL vegans choose not to do those things, or they wouldn't actually be vegans, duh. 

second, in his "action plan," he outlines a four-week process to going vegan. in week one, he implies that vegans need to take multivitamins and B12 in order to get protein. what? good one, doctor. in week two, he advocates substituting all meat products with soy products. seriously, has he ever heard of beans, or  peanut butter? i know that doctors get next to no nutritional training, but seriously.

and in what is perhaps my favorite part of the whole charade, dr. oz's week four of his "go vegan" plan is that you don't actually go vegan. what the eff? he honest-to-christ suggests that you re-introduce eggs and meet (sic) into your diet in week four, because veganism "isn't a reality or even an ideal." wow, i feel healthier already.



  1. Oh, wow. That’s ridiculous. You’d think he’d have someone to do some research for his site!
    Have you seen Ellen Degeneres’ vegan page on her site? Much better! 🙂

  2. Well, crap! I didn’t even see his vegan page. Ellen totally puts him to shame. Stupid doctors thinking they know everything. Dr. Phil is bad about that too. Can’t stand, Dr Phil. Don’t know much about Dr Oz, though when I saw him on the show I could tell he is really superficial and has had work done on his “hollywood” face.

  3. wtfff?
    Dear Mr Oz:
    – B12 is a vitamin. multivitamins are vitamins (many of them!) protein is not a vitamin.
    – protein is in a lot of things that are not soy OR meat. I know, crazy! protein is in almost everything we eat. YEAH, really!
    – stop calling strict vegetariansim veganism, it makes you look stupid.
    Not a Dietitian, and yet I know more than you

  4. oh, my heart just skipped some beats. now so many more people are going to be uneducated about veganism and think i’m not healthy because dr. oz said so. oh man. i’m freaking out. first i hear about the oprah veganism thing and now this?? NOOOO.

  5. I just think he doesn’t want to be taken to court. He wrote the foreward to Kathy Freston’s vegan book ‘Quantum Wellness’ and also Joel Fuhrman’s book ‘Eat to Live.’ Joel Fuhrman totally supports a well planned vegan diet, vegetarian diets and very near vegetarian diets. It seems that Dr Oz is trying to do it through others so that the meat and dairy industry don’t take him off air. His wife is vegetarian and his daughter can be found on PCRM’s/Neal Barnards website talking about her vegan diet. Go figure?

  6. very interesting, emma! i do wonder somewhat if any of his views have changed since this particular episode a couple of years ago. i know he had a new vegan-focused episode recently, but i haven’t been back to his site to see if he’s refreshed the vegan material. worth a look, i suppose!

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