welp, it has happened once again

i know this isn’t the first time, and i imagine it won’t be the last… but i’ve fallen in love with a kitty at the humane society. he’s been in the guest lodging area for the past six weeks or so, being treated for an eye condition, and i loved him instantly. he is a light grey/cream tabby with medium-length hair and cream eyeliner. he is a total pistol; he loooves attention and being held, and he’s playful & feisty. he gives hugs. he meows loudly. in short, he’d fit right in (hee). every monday i went straight to his kennel, last row, all the way at the end, number 41. and every week he would see me, hop up with a big meow, start purring, and rub his face against the bars until i would scoop him out for a snuggle. oh, how i love him. and today, i discovered him on the adoption page, and my reaction was a perfect mixture of excited and disappointed. i’m entertaining daydreams of scurrying over and adopting him, and feeling sad about the fact that he won’t be there to greet me on monday. sniff, poor me. i really want to be a crazy cat lady, is that so wrong?


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