thanks, aveda!

today i had to pick up a variety of aveda products (my hair is an aveda snob), and while i was there i started poking through the lip products in that just-in-case style so many vegans are familiar with. as long as i've ever looked, aveda lip stuff has always contained beeswax, but there was a new-ish (to me) line there that i'd never checked out, so i grabbed a box and started reading. lo and behold, no beeswax! i was stunned, and i honestly stood there forever, reading the ingredients list over and over to be sure. eventually i asked, and the girl went to get The Big Product Book just to be double-certain, and she couldn't find beeswax in the list either. hooray! the product in question is their lip glaze, which comes in a variety of colors that appear to change at the company's whim. i've done a bit of googling and it seems like there are lots of colors that don't exist anymore, so i'm not sure if they change seasonally, or what. i went with the wineberry, which two different girls said was a huge seller for them, so here's hoping that if i fall in love with it, it won't be discontinued by the next time, har har. 


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  1. This is good to know, I’d really like to buy a red lipstick but it’s hard to find vegan ones. I think they’re lipstick contains beeswax and/or lanolin but I will ask the shop assistant to look up their book for me!

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