happy thanksgiving

i'm a ball of mixed feelings today. last year, due to a bunch of weird circumstances we were suddenly able to host thanksgiving at our house, which meant an all-vegan feast (which everyone loved, by the way). it was my happiest thanksgiving in years and years, no lie. this year, we are back to "normal," kind of, which means back at my grandpa's for the usual turkey & stuffing. i don't have to say how bummed out this makes me, so i won't belabor the point. anyhow, the upshot is that there will be nine people in attendance, and guess how many will be eating the "regular" turkey & stuffing? three. which means that the rest of us have to bring our own food (and also our own milk/butter for our own mashed potatoes). something in this equation doesn't make sense to me. i think once we have such a majority rule, vegan thanksgiving should be the natural result.

i'm very thankful for my husband, because he spent this morning preparing "vegan thanksgiving to go," so that we and my sister's family will have delicious (and cruelty-free) food to enjoy today. he's pretty awesome.



  1. For the longest time, my mom and I were the only vegetarians in our family. My dad, brother, and sister in law were all meat eaters, so for holiday dinners my mom would reluctantly make turkey for all of them and I’d make a vegan dish for her and I. Now I’ve brought my partner into the fold and he’s vegetarian too so we’re evenly split. My mom decided that now that the teams are even, she’s not cooking meat anymore! So the meat eaters either eat veg (which usually happens) or cook their own food! I agree with you on the majority rule idea.

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