death on a factory farm

it took me about nine months, but i finally got around to watching death on a factory farm. i recorded it when it first aired on HBO in march, but i have to psych myself up to watch stuff like this. (also, i always secretly hope a certain someone will watch them with me, but he never wants to, so eventually i give up and watch myself.) aaaanyhow, i finally watched the other day. it features the same undercover investigator as dealing dogs, and it was interesting to see him in a second undercover operation. this one occurred at a large hog farm in the midwest, and focused a lot on the trial (in addition to the undercover footage), which was equal parts boring/slow and interesting, since it's not typical for 'us' to see what happens in the courtroom after initial complaints have been filed. anyhow, if you haven't seen it i do recommend it. there are parts that are very hard to watch, but the documentary is well-done and it has an important message. it will be airing again on HBO starting next week.



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