preserve razors are awesome except for…

about a year and a half ago, i switched from "mainstream razors" (heh) to the preserve brand. i had been using them as travel razors, and decided to just promote them to full-time. i've had great luck with them, with one exception: the soap scum, which then turns to mildew. gross. if you've ever seen the preserve razors, you'll know what i'm talking about: they have a jujillion nooks and crannies in the handle, which basically serve as soap scum collectors, so my razor slowly turns white, then black. delicious.

 i don't particularly want to buy something even more icky to spray on it (or soak it in), so can some of you help me out and tell me about good natural cleaners that work on soap scum or mildew? i know lots of people whip up their own miracle concoctions of vinegar + whatever, but i'm not one of those people, so it's better for me to ask rather than to accidentally blow up my house. anyone?



  1. vinegar + baking soda + boiling water is my go to for mildew and what not in the shower drain.
    so: sprinkle baking powder on the razor handle. you can scrub it around on there, it’s an abrasive so it will help a little. but, it’s not neccessary if it’s too hard. then, pour an equal amount of vinegar over it. I’d say 2 T baking soda and vinegar. you might want to do this in your sink, with the stopper closed. Then, let it sit for a good 5 minutes and fizz. Then, open the drain (to let out the fizz) and close it again. Pour 2 or more cups of boiling water on and let it sit. Drain and hope for the best. 🙂 You can repeat. The good thing about this method is it’s cleaning your sink and drain, too!

  2. gladcow, i gave your idea a try yesterday, and it worked pretty well! gross black stuff fell out of the ridges in the handle (seriously, so gross but exactly what i needed), and i think i got at least 80-90% of it off/out. yay! thank you!

  3. Yea, vinegar works wonders. If you soak it for a little bit ridges down it may work some more of it out.
    Also using an old tooth brush to get into the crevices might get that last 10% out.

  4. i use the preserve razors too.. the thing is, for me, they start rusting so quickly that i find myself changing the blade far more often than i did with my old razor.. adding to my waste and therefore contradicting the reason why i use them in the first place. are you having this problem too?
    (on a side note, i gave up on the preserve toothbrush a few months ago when my dentist discovered a “pocket” around my lower molars caused by the bristles of the toothbrush not reaching below my gumline.)

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