shout into the darkness

does anyone check here anymore? does anyone "miss me"? i haven't been writing regularly and i feel like my readership dwindled a lot, and i also felt like i was being boring, and then i got busy/distracted, and all of those things put together equalled a stall on blog posts. but i've been thinking about writing more again, if anyone is still around to read it. tell me if you're still here!



  1. As Deb reminded me when I was lamenting about not writing enough on my blog, people subscribe to RSS feeds, so it kind of doesn’t matter how often you write — when you do, it’ll pop up in front of your old readers like you never went away,

  2. I am still here! I was going to say what Ryan said, which is sort of funny, since he said what I said to him. And that’s as confusing to write as it is to read. πŸ™‚
    Definitely keep writing, even if it isn’t often. I always enjoy what you write!

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