trader joe’s dark chocolate rocky road squares

well yay, people are still reading/subscribed! that's a nice surprise. in return, i shall give you a gift: a gift of awesome delicious snacky food. isn't that always the best kind? 

truth be told, i don't get to trader joe's all that much. there is only one in our town, and even though it's really pretty close to our house (like, 10 minutes?), it's at the mall (weird), and quite often if i find myself at the mall, it's not really to grocery shop. not that there's anything wrong with it–it's just that my brain almost never makes the connection and says, "oh! trader joe's!" when i'm at the mall. 

when i do go to trader joe's, i look for things like peanut butter stuffed pretzels or popped potato chips or vegan ice cream. oh, or candy cane joe-joes, who can forget those? but i've been burned several times reading ingredients lists on things that seemed promising at first glance–and also, trader joe's is kind of disorganized, what with the just sticking stuff everywhere, all higgledy-piggledy–so i haven't really bothered as much lately. but my husband? he is a champion grocery shopper and he will look for any excuse to browse in a food store. and a couple of weeks ago he found himself at the mall, and his brain obviously works differently than mine, because he was all, "oh! trader joe's!" and he headed over to check things out.

he arrived at home with this little square box filled with chocolate, and proudly presented it to me. "dark chocolate rocky road squares," it said. i could see the wee marshmallows peeking out of the chocolate at me, and i was afraid to believe it could be true. i also felt terrible, wondering if it would turn out that he thought it was vegan but really it wasn't. that is such a sad thing when it happens, isn't it? anyhow, i said something along the lines of, "really? even with the marshmallows?" and he said yes, that the marshmallows were made some some sort of algae-based thing and that they were definitely vegan. being the label-reading vegan that i am, i read it two more times to be safe, and sure enough, it looked pretty good for those rocky road squares. the only thing left to do was open the box and give 'em a try.

and you've probably parsed this out already, but they are DELICIOUS, people! i mean seriously, seriously delicious. they have little bits of peanuts, crisp rice, and marshmallows in them, and they are cut into perfect bite-size squares, which you can pop in your mouth all at once if you're over-excited, or bite in half if you prefer to be the model of restraint. it took a lot of discipline to make that box last, and i finally polished them off yesterday. i honestly can't wait to buy more. 



  1. When I found these at TJ’s I reread the label twice and then had someone else read for me just to be sure I wasn’t missing something. I was thinking, “thank you so much Trader Joe”. They are really yummy and I will be storing up on them like I have done with their dark chocolate after dinner mint thins. You know, just in case they discontinue them or we have a natural disaster and can’t get to the store.

  2. okay, first: they have vegan after dinner mint thins?! good gravy, i need to get on that.
    second: gladcow, i just rummaged the container out of our recycle bin to check, and yes, they do appear to be gluten-free. unless there are sneaky ingredients that i’m not aware of, which is entirely possible… but nothing obvious (to me).

  3. I have had my mouth stuffed with these for the last week. NOM.
    I only shared because my kids noticed them in the snack cupboard and asked about them (I’d already moved them at that point to “my” spot by that point).

  4. I love those.
    The Trader Joe’s here is not disorganized, which is nice. Things are kind of higgedly-piggly in all TJ’s, but mostly because of their space constraints and placing random items above all of the freezer sections. They are usually pretty related to one another, though.
    Trader Joe’s has also been getting really good at putting the vegan “V” on the front of a majority of their vegan items.

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