i am not really big into LUSH products (the smells are a bit overwhelming when i try to shop there, and i've tried a few items in the past with not much luck), but i'm about to change my stance. i found two awesome lip products a couple of weeks ago, and i am loving them completely. 

first up: mint julips! it's basically a simple sugar scrub for your lips, but it comes all pre-mixed and in a cute little glass jar, plus it's flavored with chocolate and mint. woo! and it's dead easy to use: (a) press fingertip gently into jar, (b) rub sugar scrub on your lips until you get bored, (c) lick your lips, (d) lick your finger. success! i'd been having a crazy case of chapped lips lately, no idea why, and this stuff has cleared them up no problem. and seriously, it's delicious. 

next: none of your beeswax, which is their vegan lip balm. it's in a pot, which has taken a little getting used to after switching to tubes forever ago. i used to use nothing but blistex lip medex in the pregan days, but after i ditched that (due to the lanolin) i pretty much switched to using nothing but tubes. anyhow, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time whatsoever you know that i'm super into my lip balm and i'm rather picky about it. this stuff is the real deal. it's very long-lasting, nice and creamy, not at all greasy or oily, deliciously moisturizing, and it has a really nice, mild vanilla scent. i'm strongly considering buying a few more pots so i can have them scattered around (purse, coffee table, nightstand, desk… you get the picture), but i have a lot of tubes in the house i have to work on first. *waits for sideways glance from husband*



  1. I want to try the Lush lip scrub but never got round to buying any, it is such a pain mixing my own and I’m lazy! lol
    I’d like to try that lipbalm too. 🙂

  2. I love LUSH, especially their fragrances, (there’s a new line coming out, Gorilla perfumes- most are suitable for vegans!) I also LOVE that they know what “vegan” actually means and that they label their products accordingly.

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