thanks for nothing, nature’s gate

for almost as long as i can remember, i have fallen in love with products that would eventually be discontinued. i've completely lost track of the Master List (it is so long, you see), but i do remember that one of my earliest disappointments in this regard was the most awesome cereal EVAR: smurfberry crunch. i love you, smurfberry crunch! and while i'm on the subject: i have had particularly bad luck with cereals when it comes to this stuff. other childhood favorites of mine that were yanked away after too brief a time: marshmallow krispies (in the pink box), s'mores grahams (which were basically golden grahams, but chocolatey and with marshmallows), and oreo o's (yes, i know that is a recent one, and i was nowhere near childhood when i became addicted to it and then had it yanked away). anyway, point is: i fall in love with something, and then i usually worry about how quickly the company will decide to stop producing it.

more recently, in my vegan days, i've dealt with the loss of my favorite tinted lip product AND my favorite lip balm (both because they decided to add beeswax, boo hiss, and they're not even the same company! argh). anyway, this happens to me All The Time and i whine about it All The Time and today is no different.

today's target, as you may have guessed from the title of the post, is nature's gate. i curse you, nature's gate! you made this wonderful mystical toothpaste that i adored in spite of myself, and it made me so happy twice a day, every day. why did you have to go and 'improve' it by COMPLETELY CHANGING THE FLAVOR and making it disgusting? sooooooo bummed at you right now. yes, it's still called creme de anise, but you can't fool me, nature's gate. i bought it anyway, even thought it said 'improved!' and it has totally different packaging, and i allowed myself to hope for the best. but lo, it is revolting. i am all kinds of sad. *kicks dirt*

aaaaaand now i'm on the hunt for a good toothpaste AGAIN. woe is me.



  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS? That’s my toothpaste. It will be a while before I try it because I have 6 or 7 tubes in my bathroom (I buy in bulk and now I’m glad I do!). I’ll bring you one when I visit!

  2. mark, weren’t those the best? man, i ate those things like crazy. the vegans need to get on the marshmallowy kid cereal tip.
    john, yes i am so painfully serious. i’m sorry it will affect you as well, but you are the greatest for offering to bring me a last farewell tube! xoxo

  3. Man, that’s too bad. I use Tom’s but I think I might stop because they have totally sold out to Colgate.
    Tom’s has an anise toothpaste, if it’s still in existence. There’s also another toothpaste brand that has plant-gel called Weleda that I first saw in Germany and then eventually it moved to the US.
    Good luck on your search.

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