the origins non-response

a little while back, i blogged about origins introducing synthetic beeswax to some of their products (e.g., mascara) but not others (e.g., lipstick). i wrote to them asking what the dealio was, and said that i'd keep you posted if i heard back… so, i did hear back, but the response was pretty cookie-cutter and not at all satisfactory. if you're curious, though, here it is:

Thank you for your interest in Origins. We would like to explain that the majority of our products are appropriate for use by our vegan consumers.

From the beginning of Origins, it has been our philosophy to formulate with non-animal ingredients.

We would like to explain that we do however, use beeswax or honey in some of our formulations.  Beeswax is naturally produced by bees during the process of making honey, and both ingredients come from nature-driven renewable sources. The beekeepers use great care with their hives and do all they can to ensure that the bees are nurtured and protected through extremes of all seasons. The honeybees are not harmed during the process of sourcing honey or beeswax; the honey is removed from the hive in addition to a thin layer of wax by the beekeeping caregiver. The bees then continue with their normal daily events of pollinating, gathering nectar and caring for their queen.

Honey and beeswax ingredients will appear on a product's ingredient label if either is present in the formulation.

Ingredient lists for any of our products are available upon request.

We trust that the above addresses your concern.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.  We hope you will continue to look to Origins for product honesty, performance and concern for the environment

sigh. pretty lame.



  1. My guess would be that the synthetic is more expensive and takes more human effort to produce and that is why they refuse to switch everything over.
    Why do it right when you can do it cheap?

  2. This is not an advertisement! I just want people to know about your site and what you do!
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    I would be honored if my current & future subscribers could get to know you and your work.
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  3. Hi i believe if the beeswax is synthetic then it will say so in the ingredient list. (i actually remember seeing that somewhere “synthetic beeswax” as an ingredient”) What you got seems to be their automatic reply- whenever “vegan” and “beeswax” is mentioned in the question. I think its safe to say better avoid all their beeswax products- since they are not willing to separate synthetic with real beeswax. (or why not you candelila wax or any other plant wax for a natural alternative)

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