six! whole! years!

woo hoo, it's another vegan anniversary! i went vegan six years ago today, after finally learning why vegetarianism wasn't all it's cracked up to be. it only took me eleven years to figure that out, heh. anyhow, i was nervous about going vegan (i wasn't sure i could hack it, being such a dairy-lover), but i needn't have worried. it was all a whole lot easier than i'd feared, and i never ever looked back. 

in the past six years i've learned so much, met so many amazing people, tried a ton of new (to me) food, started baking more, learned how to cook actual food instead of food from boxes, invented samosa fries (still in development: don't steal my idea), helped convert a few vegans (so exciting!), and had several fights with my mom (okay, it couldn't all be good–i have to keep it real).

today i'm going out to lunch with a friend to celebrate, and then dinner with my husband to celebrate again. i'm also WAY overdue for cheezish (aka the very best vegan mac & cheese, from the glad cow cookbook), so i think i'll make some this week to continue celebrating. happy day!

oh! and, as always, a special long-distance dedication to ryan at vegblog, who coincidentally went vegan on the very same day. *fist bump*



  1. whoohooo! congrats! it’s been about 6 years for me as well. have never looked back. :)(except for some ppl’s annoying comments!)

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