pumpkin silk, anyone?

Mofo banner

okay, it's only my second mofo post and already i'm whining… but has anyone seen the pumpkin spice silk around yet? i've seen nog, and i've seen the new chocolate mint silk*, but nary a carton of pumpkin! don't they know it's my favorite thing about fall? seasonal soymilks are where it's at, but pumpkin is totally the granddaddy of them all, and i loooove my fall chai with pumpkin soy. yum. 

the silk website is no help, either–it's down for maintenance or summat. meh. it's november, people! cough it up!


*yes, i bought the chocolate mint silk. it's okay, but it's no peppermint chocolate vitasoy. *sob*



  1. whaaa? okay, i have definitely looked at riverwest (that is, in fact, where i bought the chocolate mint, and where i also saw the nog) and there was no pumpkin to be found. this is so sad. also: it is definitely not meh. but if you think so… more for me?

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