pumpkin silk, everyone!

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okay duders, after i posted last night several people chimed in that they've seen the pumpkin silk all over the place (including someone in my town!), so today i got down to business. i went to my usual grocery spot, a big co-op with three stores in our city: no dice. so then i called the tiny co-op that's only a couple of miles away, and asked if they had it. the nice woman who answered the phone said yes, and then i said "yay! see you in a minute!" and rushed on over to buy three cartons. heh.

she said they'd had it in for about a month(!) which leads me to wonder why CERTAIN FRIENDS OF MINE WHO VOLUNTEER THERE neglected to tell me about it. *narrows eyes* anyhow, i checked there recently (it's where i bought the mint chocolate soymilk last week) and they must have been out. but now that i have some in the house, there is much rejoicing! i can't wait for my first pumpkin chai of the year, coming right up tomorrow morning. 

…and i will just have to completely un-see the astounding calorie count on the side of the carton. yikes.



  1. Pumpkin chai sounds awesome! I’ve been waiting on the Silk Pumpkin as well. I haven’t made it to the market yet, but that’s right up there on my list. I also can’t wait for the Mint Chocolate.

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