what do mice eat for mofo?

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…why, i'm happy you asked!

today, i arrived at my office in a bit of a state. it had been a really stressful and hectic day already, and i had to give my lecture in 45 minutes, and i still had to transfer my keynote presentation to the teaching laptop and my lecture notes to my iPad, and the campus wi-fi was totally acting up and i was quite frazzled. anyscoot, when i got into my office i immediately noticed something really strange in the corner of the room. i had no idea what it was at first, it looked like a shingle, or poop, or i don't know what.

i bent down to get a really good look, and after starting at it for a number of seconds, i finally realized what it was: a very-chewed-on luna bar. chocolate peppermint stick, to be exact. most of the icing had been removed by a tiny mouse tongue (just think of how adorable that was!), and a lot of it had been eaten, and i was simultaneously ashamed and impressed.

ashamed that i was dumb enough to leave food in what i guess is an accessible spot (although i hadn't had any problems until now), and impressed with the mouse's fortitude. that mouse climbed a box of journals and books, got inside a box of luna bars, opened a wrapper from end to end, and then dragged an entire luna bar halfway across the room! i'm so, so sad i didn't see it happen. i need to install tiny mouse surveillance cameras.

anyhow, because i was so stressed and in such a hurry, i decided to leave it there for the time being, and resolved to deal with it before i left the office in the evening. i dealt with all of my pre-class business, i taught my lecture, i held my staff meeting, i went to yoga, and then i returned to my office for one final meeting.

by now it was 7pm, and apparently that is the snacking hour for adorable little mice, because while we were in my office, talking loudly, that little bugger popped right out of the radiator and kept working on his project. he disappeared and reappeared a billion times, but once he realized we weren't going to bother him he pretty much did as he pleased. he was soooo cute i seriously can't even tell you. i was really hoping to get video, but by the time i was alone in my office, he had a tummy full of luna and he had gone off for a nap. boo. 

so, i did the responsible thing and i removed the luna bar, cleaned up the poops, salvaged my untouched bars, and put them in a secure drawer. in the process i discovered ANOTHER empty wrapper in the box, so this little peanut had been eating well all weekend. sorry to dry up the gravy train, buddy.


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