prepare for some san francisco mofo posts

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i'm about to head west, and i plan to do a lot of vegan sampling while i'm there. if anyone has any suggestions about great places to eat in san francisco, i am all ears! i'd also love to hear if there are places that aren't worth a look. 

we have reservations for dinner at millennium, since i've heard many times it's a can't-miss sort of place. also, it's like 3 blocks from our hotel, woo! oh, which reminds me: we're staying in the union square area and i'm not sure how super-mobile we'll be, so if that helps you hone your suggestions, then fantastic. one spot i'd like to check out is gracias madre (all-vegan mexican place, yes?), which looks like a good hike. 

we're hoping to get over to berkeley too, so that we can visit the wonderful cinnaholic in person. i've also just discovered saturn cafe in berkeley, which i'd like to check out.

teach me, san-fran-vegans!



  1. Funny, I’m just here as well, but spending most of my time around the bay. If you want a bit of a walk check out sweet inspirations for dessert, and if you love veg sushi, there is a place in the castro warakubune that is awesome. I just wrote a blog post about it! hah!

  2. If you are checking out Gracias Madre, (all vegan) check out there sister place Gratitude Cafe.
    Golden Lotus is a delicious vegan chinese restaurant in Oakland and Sf. You can do a search for it on Yelp. If you are going to Saturn I would highly recommend their vegan shakes. They are right up the block from Cinnaholic. It’s going to be hard to leave room for more after Cinnaholic. Those babies are huge suckers. Have a great time!

  3. When I stayed in Union Square, I ate at Golden Era on O’Farrell (Tenderloin) for lunch every day. Please, please, PLEASE try Cha Ya (Mission or Berkeley) and Herbivore (Mission, Haight-ish, or Berkeley). Missed you at the bake sale, could not possibly be more jealous that you’re in SF!

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