cinnaholic, live and in person!

okay, so as soon as i found out that cinnaholic had opened, i immediately regretted living so, so far away. i was soooo envious of northern california! it took me like, two weeks (seriously!) to remember/realize that i was going to be in san francisco in november, and that i'd be able to go. ha! i'm an idiot sometimes.

anyhow, i was very excited about this whole thing, and i told anyone who would listen, and then in the meantime cinnaholic decided they would start shipping 4-packs on mondays if you got your order in by sunday night. i initially thought, 'eh, i don't need to do that, i'll be there in november anyway,' but then as the deadline approached for their very first week of shipping, i caved and i ordered a 4-pack. i have no will power when it comes to vegan food or vegan merch. i've learned this much.

we got the box in about 2 days and i made us wait until the following morning because i really wanted them for breakfast. they were totally worth the wait, let me tell you. we ordered four different kinds of icing: old school, caramel, pumpkin, and irish cream. my husband chose the first two, and i chose the last two–they were all delicious, and it was hard to choose a favorite (although my husband has a definite soft spot for caramel, and he really loved that one). 

so now that we had a taste for these amazing rolls, i really couldn't wait to get there in person. and yesterday was the day! after visiting saturn cafe for lunch and wandering around the berkeley campus for awhile, we decided it was cinnamon roll time, and headed back to oxford street. 

the shop is adorable, black and white with an ice cream shoppe feel. one of the owners was there, as well as an employee, and they were both helpful and sweet. we hemmed and hawed and stared at the menu board forever, trying to settle on what we wanted. they had the little baby buns that they just started making on a cake server, with three or four flavors to choose from–i couldn't resist so i got one of those as well as a full-size roll. i mean come on, they're precious! the baby bun i selected had chocolate icing and newman-Os as topping. it was fantastic! for my full-size roll i decided to go plain & simple (no toppings) and i chose the lemon icing. it was soooo delicious, my mouth is watering a little just thinking back to it. gah. my husband got a caramel roll (apparently it was a hit the first time!), and our friend got maple icing with walnuts sprinkled on top. we all loved our rolls, and we were a little tempted to turn right back around and go inside for more, but we restrained ourselves.

they also sell extremely cute t-shirts featuring a snail falling in love with a cinnamon roll. i'm probably not explaining it well, but just trust me: extremely cute. i really hope that cinnaholic continues doing well–they seem like wonderful people, and their rolls are out of this world. i really hope to go back! 


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