maggie mudd

we took a little nerd-trip to cupertino yesterday with a couple of fellow apple nerds, and that was fun. basically we just went to the apple headquarters, shopped in their company store (a retail shop where you can get apple clothes, mugs, pens, and whatnot), wandered around taking pictures for a bit, and called it a day. the four of us are total apple geeks, so it was fun to get away from the conference and do something goofy like that. we also checked out google/youtube headquarters nearby, which was super lame because there's really nothing to see or do, although i did spot a black squirrel, which was really awesome, so i guess it wasn't a total bust. i took a picture of him but it's kind of lame… i'll share that when i get it uploaded.

on our way back to san francisco we stopped at stanford university and wandered around campus for awhile–talk about gorgeous! what a great place to go to school (or work, as the case may be). 

since we had rented a car for the afternoon and certain places are a little harder to reach with public transportation (especially in an unfamiliar city), i lobbied to stop at maggie mudd on the way back to our hotel, and everyone obliged me. we found it with no troubles and wandered in. i have to say, i was a little disappointed… on their website they list a whole ton of vegan flavors, and on the sign in the store they list even MORE vegan flavors, but available yesterday? were only like 5 vegan flavors. sad trombone. a few were soy-based, and a couple were coconut-based, and only like 2 of them even sounded good to me. that was a little bit of a let down. but, we persevered and made the best of it.

our friends didn't order vegan stuff so i won't bother recapping their orders… but my husband got some kind of banana-based sundae (banana mamba, i think it was called?) with cookies & cream ice cream, bananas, hot fudge, and whipped cream. i decided to go the waffle cone route, and got a scoop of cookies & cream and a scoop of chocolate orange chip (which sounded curious, and tasted really good). we all enjoyed our ice cream, although it didn't really live up to the massive expectations i had set up for myself. whoops. that's okay, i'm still glad i went!



  1. My cousin goes to Stanford, so I got a bit of a tour. It really is a beautiful campus. He also drove us by google. I might not want to tour google, but they have some cool perks that makes me think it might be fun to work there!

  2. I’m sorry Maggie’s was a disappointment. When we went, we were all tired and cranky from an early day of sightseeing and the sugar really helped :p

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