random SF roundup

so, i have a few posts i need to write, but i want to hold off on them a bit for a couple of reasons… yet i am so excited that i want to talk about them anyway. ha!

i have a millennium post written in my head, because we went there on sunday night and it was amazing, but we took pictures of everything so i think i should wait until i can get those uploaded and incorporated. sneak peek: i had the 'frugal foodie' option, which is 3 courses for $39, and i chose a soup, an entree, and a dessert. i got hosed on the dessert but the other two selections were amazing. oh, and we also split an extra 'small plate' and that was delicious as well. more on that later when there are pictures.

we also checked out loving hut (woo hoo, cult food!) on sunday for a quick snack (we were trying not to eat much that day, to save room for millennium). we just split an order of spring rolls that day, but i think i'm heading back for lunch today so i want to save that post until i've been there again.

and yesterday we went to gracias madre, which i described on twitter as the jesus of food. i am not kidding, i think that might be my favorite restaurant in the entire universe. we're strongly considering going back  for dinner today, because we both made yummy noises through our entire meal yesterday. we forgot to take pictures until dessert (wah!) but i still feel i should wait and do a mondo gracias madre post later, when i can do it justice.

so, that's what's coming up… eventually. i'm sure you just can't wait!


One comment

  1. DOOD I am so going to get on that frugal foodie option if I can when Stan and I are there for our anniversary next month. NOM.
    I am ridiculously glad you’re previewing my vacay for me, sweets!

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