vegan doughnuts at whole foods

why is my whole foods so mean? a year or so ago we were in austin, and we were SO excited to find vegan doughnuts aplenty there, as well as some amazing gigantic chocolate chunk cookies that were vegan as all get-out. when we got home, we scoured our own WF bakery, thinking that maybe we'd been missing something, but nope: we just don't carry them at ours. lame.

now we've also sampled a smallish (certainly smaller than ours) whole foods in san francisco, and they too are stocked up with vegan doughnuts in the bakery case! no fair! we bought three: a lemon blueberry crumb, a cinnamon sugar, and a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting. they were all ridiculously delicious. why oh why can't we have them at home? i wonder if i wrote a whining pleading letter if i'd get anywhere?

in other san francisco WF news: they had a really really vegan-friendly food bar, and we snagged some quick dinner to-go the other night. my husband got all mexican food, and i went the indian route. they also had a bunch of vegan soups, and a really tasty-looking vegan pizza featuring daiya and butternut squash. yum!



  1. Here in Austin I know people kept demanding the vegan donuts until they finally capitulated. Those cookies are called Big John cookies and they are amazing. I recommend getting some friends together and harassing the hell out of your whole foods!

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