family vegan thanksgiving a success!

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sorry for the large gap in mofo-posting… we've been on a bit of a roller-coaster during a spur-of-the-moment decision to put our house on the market and buy a different one. more on that later. anyhow, that ramped up as soon as we were on the plane home from san francisco, and that means i got lazy about finishing all of those SF posts i had promised. i'll do those next…

but first, in a more timely fashion, i wanted to gush a little about our family vegan thanksgiving. if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may recall that every year i try to figure out a graceful way to skip thanksgiving, and every year i feel guilty and go anyway, but i totally dread it. we have two thanksgivings every year: one on thursday with my mom's side of the family, and one on saturday with my dad & stepmom's side of the family (the saturday celebration doubles as my stepmom's birthday party). my saturday thanksgiving has traditionally been the much more vegan-friendly one, so while i still haaaaaate seeing the giant dead bird, i do have the benefit of sitting in a mostly veg-thanksgiving room, since the crowd is big and a bunch of us are veg*ns.

the thursday dinner, however, has traditionally been very meat-centered; the kind of dinner where i have to prepare my own stuff in the kitchen in tiny portions (here, have a few potatoes to sully with your weird science butter and your fake milk), or bring an entire vegan feast that we'd prepared ahead of time. my husband is a wonderful cook and a generous person, and he's taken to doing the latter. my sister, her husband, and her two daughters are also vegetarian, so it's become quite a production to feed six veg*ns at a non-veg*n-friendly dinner. two years ago, due to some health complications my gram was having (our usual host), we hosted thanksgiving as a last-ditch appeal and it was wonderful. we had lasagna and everything was vegan and i didn't have a stomach ache all day and i LOVED it. last year, however, due to some health complications my grandpa was having, my mom reverted back to plan A and she hosted the regular meal at his house. i understood, but wasn't happy about it, and once again we took our entire meal along with us.

we have, extremely unfortunately, had a lot of deaths in our family over the past 2 years, and what that boils down to is that we now only have 2 meat-eaters at thanksgiving, and the rest of us (6 of us) are veg*ns. and not to be petty, but i'm in a kind of majority rules sort of mind-frame at this point. so we decided to offer to host again, but in a really upsetting twist, that conversation devolved very quickly into a nasty drawn-out fight with my mother (in public, no less) all about how my going vegan has ruined everyone else's life. awesome.

in the end, things got smoothed over (sort of) and our offer to host was accepted. we decided this time around to do a more traditional thanksgiving, so that we'd be eating 'all the usual stuff' except, of course, the turkey. a couple of my family members are not-so-adventurous, and vegan thanksgiving is an adventure in itself, so rather than doing any of the fancier roasts that are out there, we decided to give the field roast classic meatloaf a spin. with that we served mashed potatoes (yukon gold, yum), stuffing, gravy, oven-roasted sweet potatoes, peas, corn, and brussels sprouts with toasted almonds & lemon. for dessert i made pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes (of course!) and chocolate chip cookies (special request from husband). everything–including the meatloaf–went over extremely well! people had seconds, everyone said it was delicious, and my mom even joked with my husband that the trouble with doing such a good job is that you get saddled with the job again next year(!!). hooray! 



  1. oh sheesh, your veganism ruined EVERYONE’s lives? mom guilt trips are the best, right?
    your meal sound fantabulous, I’m so glad you were able to wow em even when there was contention ๐Ÿ˜€

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