loving hut

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i've heard about loving hut before, and i read the recent article in VegNews, but i've never actually had a chance to try the infamous cult food. when i learned that there was a loving hut only a block or so away from our hotel, i was pretty psyched to check it out. before i even had a chance to find it, one of my grad students bumped into me in an elevator (i was at a conference for work stuff) and said, all excited, "did you know there's a vegan restaurant at the mall?!?" hee, so cute.

Loving hut

i have to say, just seeing something like this, smack in the middle of a mall, makes my heart go pitter-pat. i really love seeing things advertised as vegan all big and proud, like it's no big thing. i'm all for normalizing the scary V word, and stuff like this goes a long way, i think. i would give anything to have something like this in a food court around these parts. 

i visited the loving hut at westfield twice: once for a quick (shared) snack, and once for lunch. the first time we were saving our stomach-space for millennium later that night, so we just got one order of spring rolls and split them. they tasted really fresh and were super tasty–great peanut sauce, too. when i visited a couple of days later for lunch, i ordered their buffet combo special, which basically translates to two items plus your choice of rice (brown, white, or fried). i got brown rice with two different tofu dishes: lemongrass tofu stirfry, and an awesome creamy tofu curry. the portions were HUGE and it was deeee-licious. i would absolutely eat there again if i had the chance. 



  1. I’m so lucky to be within a few miles of one. I love this place. Crazy cult or what, I don’t care. Yummy vegan food is always welcome in my belly.

  2. yep, i’m fascinated by the cult stuff (i saw an INSANE video online of a bunch of people videoconferencing with the supreme master–it was a festival of embarrassment), but the food was extremely delicious. i’ll take vegan fast food or vegan fast-casual absolutely any day!

  3. We have a Loving Hut here in Vancouver, too. It’s the only place in the city where I can get vegan poutine. Everything I’ve had is really tasty. I love eating there. A friend of mine is addicted to the caesar salads.

  4. it’s not the literature that bugs me, I actually find it quite entertaining. it’s the supporting a cult thing that bothers me. Not enough to never go there, obviously, because we went to the one in San Jose on our trip this summer. But, cult thing = marge noise

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