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all righty, i've gotten some pictures uploaded onto the ol' flickr, so i feel like i can start talking about more san francisco food now. whee!

way ahead of our actual trip, we decided to plan for a dinner at millennium, along with another vegan friend of ours from grad school. she'd been there before and assured us that we would definitely love it. we made reservations for sunday night, which (unbeknownst to us at the time) made us eligible for the 'frugal foodie' special–available sunday through wednesday–which includes three courses for $39. we decided to each go that route, so that we could try several things but still not break the bank. we also ordered one additional appetizer to split, because we all wanted it and it didn't fit into our orders. heh. 

i have pictures of the stuff i ordered, but the rest of it is still on my husband's phone so i'll have to stick those on flickr later. in the meantime, i can link you to some of them if you're interested.

the appetizer that we split was the black bean torte (whole wheat tortilla, caramelized plantains, smoky black bean puree, pumpkin-habanero papazul, cashew sour cream, strawberry salsa), which they actually forgot to bring us until we were nearly done with our entrees, but that's okay. it was amazingly delicious–all three of us loved it. for my personal first course, i ordered the soup of the day, which isn't on their online menu so i have to go from memory: it was pumpkin and butternut squash, i believe, and it was garnished with apples (my new favorite thing, i swear to god), and it had a bit of cream on top and lots of tasty warm spices involved. LOVED that soup. our friend ordered the butternut squash rawvioli, and my husband ordered the fall sweet & bitter greens salad. they both were very happy with their selections.

for the entrees, our friend and my husband both ordered the same thing–some type of pistachio-crusted tempeh something or other. i don't think it's the same thing that's listed on their online menu right now, so that's the best description i can give. they both loved it, and i had a bite of the tempeh and it was really tasty. i ordered a blue corn tamale that was filled with squash and other delights… again, not on the online menu so you have my crappy memory to deal with. sorry. i have never considered myself a tamale person, but the description made it sound so good, i had to give it a go. i'm really glad i did, because it was awesome. the greens (broccolini, i think?) were not too bad–i'm not a fan of greens but these were edible and i ate them all. i'm a good girl.

for the dessert round, a and e chose MUCH more wisely than i did. sniff. they got these amazing cakey desserts–a ordered the chocolate almond midnight and e ordered some kind of amazing pumpkin cheesecake-type deal with a chocolate base and a creamy topping… basically they got a giant pile of dessert pr0n, and i got three of the tiniest scoops of sorbet imaginable. when i saw that chai was one of the three flavors (the others were pear lemon, and dulce de leche), i pretty much couldn't resist, but i wish i had. i felt super duper sad when i saw my miniature scoops. lame move, millennium.

overall, we really enjoyed our meals, and for $39/person and super fancy-pants food, you really can't go wrong. i would definitely go back and give them another try (and get a different dessert, ha!).



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