the v-dog verdict

so, when we originally ordered our first bag of v-dog, there was a shipping mistake (i guess they wrote our address down wrong), and the bag was never delivered. i got a bit stressed about it, because we were getting really low on food, and when i followed up with the company it took them a little while to figure out exactly what had gone wrong. when they did figure it out, however, they were really nice about the whole thing, and offered to not only resend it ASAP, but they gave us a second full-size bag for free to make up for it! so instead of trying it out with a 33-pound bag, we were about to become the proud owners of 66 pounds of v-dog. we were all, 'thanks, uh, i hope she likes it?' heh.

when it arrived, we gave it a shot and she actually took to it pretty much right away. she almost alays does this with new food, though, so we didn't get our hopes up. her usual MO is that she acts like the New Food is the Most Amazing Food Ever, for a couple of weeks, and then she gradually decides we're trying to feed her little pieces of cardboard. but! with v-dog this did not happen! at least not on the same schedule. she liked it for much longer than usual, which was a welcome change, but once we got into the second bag she started showing her old signs of boredom, and now that we are almost at the end of the second bag, she is back to her typical breakfast behavior of turning her face away and not bothering to eat her food until 6pm. sigh.

so, we're switching back to evolution for a bag, to see if we can jump-start her morning interest once again. i really wish we could hit on something that she would enjoy long-term, if only because it makes it easier to stock up, and it makes for less tummy-transition each time we switch foods.

anyhow, the v-dog was a success, at least at first. i was starting to get excited because it's much cheaper than evolution or ami, but oh well. in the negative column, v-dog made her poop a lot more often. not sure why that was (and it was never like she was sick… just a lot more productive, if you catch my drift), but just thought i'd mention it in case it's useful. 



  1. Are the foods all the same flavours? Maybe that is the issue…no one ones to eat the same food every single day.
    My cat is the same if we only feed her one flavour…she needs at least two flavours to mix around.
    Do you feed her anything else? Maybe make your own dog food and mix in some of the biscuits to make it healthy and balanced but also different and interesting?

  2. Animals are like people they get bored with the same type of food, drink, clothes…So you have to diversify, so that your dog doesn’t be so tired of same food every day. You can eat the same meal everyday?

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