vegan bake sale of love

today we had our third vegan bake sale… well, i think it was the third! hmm, i hope i’m right about that. anyway, the always amazing steph organized it as usual, and it was a fabulous success. all told, we raised $922, which will be split between our local urban ecology center (who gave us the space, yay!) and doctors without borders.

i baked (and so did my husband) for the occasion: we donated a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, a dozen chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, and five dozen chocolate chip cookies. we basically went for tried-and-true standards, but wow, steph had lots of gorgeous goodies there in addition to our stuff. and although the bake sale ran from 10am-5pm, she had sold out of at least half of everything after only two hours. not bad! by the time we swung through, she had a stack of placards representing all the food that was gone already. *sniff* i still walked out of there with some tasty deliciousness, though, not to worry. several flavors of cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-dipped pretzel rods, and cookies… yum.

the extra-cool part was that in addition to the baked goods and candy, steph also had seedlings there for planting (and she said those sold out super-quickly), as well as a display about veganism and some handouts focusing on vegan baking, which were pretty popular. hooray for bake-tivism!


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