cognitive dissonance, illustrated

so i stumbled across this etsy shop, and my immediate thought was, “squee! adorable!” but that was quickly followed up with, “awww, sad.” i mean, seriously, how cute are her illustrations? but then, how giant of a bummer is it that they’re actually butchering diagrams? pretty giant bummer, i’d say.

seems a little strange to me, to go through the motions of drawing an adorbs little sheep or cow, making it as cute and accessible as possible, and then fill in all the ways to eat him or her. as far as i can tell, she’s not doing it ironically, but i’d love to be proven wrong on that. i half-jokingly said to my husband that it’s like she’s using her power for evil, instead of good. i’m imagining a cutie-pie illustration like hers that has sweet things filled in (like snuggles, or preciousness) instead of the cuts of meat.

i will say, she has a good sense of humor. the grind your own print and the hot dog mystery print are both funny, in a subversive way, and i also got a chuckle out of the fail whale diagram. also, the ghost meat poster is the cutest, full stop.


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