eli’s earth bars

i’ve been wanting to try these new bars ever since i first heard about them, but i could never find them anywhere. then, suddenly, the other day i was wandering around in a little market near our house, and behold! all three flavors! i squee’d right then and there and grabbed both the dream big and the treasure bar (the celebrate, being made of coconut, gets no love from me). i was so excited, i almost bought multiples, but i decided that was probably a little silly since i didn’t even know if i liked them yet.

welp, now i’ve tried them, and i’m here to tell you: they’re super tasty. my one micro-complaint is that they’re a little spendy, especially given the smallish size, but when it comes to vegan candy bars i’m really not one to quibble. i’m just excited they’re available and i can buy them, frankly.

i ate the dream big bar first, and it’s basically a vegan baby ruth, according to their description (amazingly, i don’t believe i’ve ever eaten a baby ruth bar). while i was eating it, i was all, “hmm, this is kind of like a snickers, but without the nougat, and the peanuts are whole,” and then earlier today i learned that that’s pretty much what a baby ruth is. der. anyhow, it was really good! the chocolate is ‘milky’ so it’s a pretty good analog to pregan candy bars–but with much more awesome, which probably goes without saying.

next (on another day, because i was trying desperately to restrain myself), i tried the treasure bar. super delicious! again, i wish it were a little bigger, but wow, it was tasty. this one doesn’t have an exact doppelganger, but it’s somewhat like if a butterfinger had babies with a caramello. and by that i mean: caramel with some ‘peanut butter crunch’ mixed in, dipped in chocolate. super yum.

eli’s earth bars are made by sjaak’s chocolates, the same company who makes the Most Amazing Little Peanut Butter Cups in all the land, so they are aces with me.



    1. absolutely! they’re at beans and barley. 🙂 they also carry the go max go vegan candy bars, in case you haven’t tried those yet… the twilight bar (milky way) is my favorite, but they also have jokerz (snickers) and a couple other flavors there.

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