liquid hand soap, redux

so, waaaay back in the day (december 2005!), i wrote a post about liquid hand soap, and at the time i was a little enamored with kiss my face soaps, with the major exception being that they were leaving a residue in my sink. so, i stopped buying them and switched over to nature’s gate, among other things. welp, i’m here to tell you that kiss my face has a new formula, and a cute new label design, and a bunch of new flavors… and they’re awesome! we’ve been using them for at least six months now and there’s no residue problem at all. yay! my favorites are the pomegranate acai (in our master bath for most frequent use), the olive & aloe (in the bathroom next to our office for also-frequent use), and the sonora almond. the white peach is also good, and i’d like to check out the anjou pear. anyhow, just wanted to mention it because they’re really nice.

i must be on a bit of a pomegranate kick right now, because in our kitchen we’re using a new nature’s gate hand soap in pomegranate sunflower. super great! i still love the asian pear & red tea from nature’s gate orange line (heh), but i’ve been having a tough time finding it lately.

and since i’m going on about liquid soaps, i’ll also mention mrs. meyer’s basil hand soap. it’s got a really great scent–although strong, so you definitely have to like it–and i totally recommend it.


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