biscoff spread (aka speculoos!)

summer school is kicking me in the face right about now, but i need to sing the praises of this stuff in case you haven’t had a chance to try it yet. if you are unfamiliar with the concept, it is a spread, made from cookies. yes, from cookies. you know those magical cookies they sometimes give out on airplanes, which i used to ignore because i just assumed they weren’t vegan, but they actually ARE vegan and they are actually quite delicious? like little cinnamon-y shortbread-y things? well, those are biscoff cookies, and this spread is made from the cookies. it’s like if peanut butter were made out of cinnamon cookies instead of peanuts. zomg doesn’t even begin to cover it, you guys.

right now i’m walking the fine line between hoarding it like precious gold, and spreading it on random things just because i can. my first taste was on a pretzel, because i wasn’t at home and that’s what was in reach, but since then i have melted it to drizzle over vanilla ice cream, and i have spread it on wheat crackers, newman O’s, and a sjaak’s mini peanut butter cup (i have no shame, and yes, it was fricking delicious). next up, a fuji apple! i think it would be awesome on a toasted english muffin, but i need to remember to buy some of those before i can test that theory. oh, and my other plan is to make a speculoos shake. mmmm.

apparently you can find it in random spots around the US (mostly it seems to be in local-chain grocery stores), and if you have a fresh market in your town, you should definitely give them a try. that’s where i finally found my jars (i bought two right away because i just knew i would love it), and i took this picture in the parking lot because i was seriously that excited. but if you can’t find it in your town, fret not. because i love you, i shared some of my jar with the lovely folks at vegan essentials, and not only did they agree with me that it’s like the best thing going, but they got on the phone immediately with their distributor, and they’re going to start carrying it. it should be in stock on friday, if it all goes as planned. so… keep an eye out!



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