austin: the first 24 hours

oh my stars, i have a full belly. we got into austin late last night after one missed connection and a few extra delayed flights, so we were unable to go with our original plan of dinner at guero’s. sad trombone.

but! kerbey lane is open 24 hours, and we have lots of fond pancakey memories of that place, so off we went at midnight for dinner. we ordered vegan queso just because it’s so exciting to have that option, and then i had the vegan pancake of the day (raspberry) and my husband had the hippie burger (hold the cheese) and home fries. everything was dee-licious, and we went to bed at 2am, totally stuffed.

then today, we met a friend for lunch over her lunch hour. she works near the ginormous beautiful flagship whole foods, so we decided to maximize our time with her and grab lunch there. i had two (enormous) tacos with refried black beans, rice, guacamole, and lettuce. there were more options but those things were already so full they barely closed, so i quit while i was ahead. my husband had a burrito which was equally full to bursting, and a salad filled with with good stuff from the cold salad bar. the food was amazing, and then after we digested a bit (and browsed), we went back for some big john cookies. they need to carry those bad boys at all WF locations, stat.

when we were standing in front of the case making our dessert decisions, we noticed a group of vegans excitedly “having a moment” while marveling at all the vegan options. they were road-tripping from atlanta to san diego, and had never been to the austin WF before. they were also adorable. they bought the comically oversized vegan chocolate glazed doughnut (seriously, bigger than your face), and then i told them about the red rabbit doughnuts at wheatsville (which i haven’t tried yet but i hear they blow WF’s doughnuts out of the water), and also about the soft serve at toy joy. yay vegan love!

we wandered through some of our old haunts for awhile (waterloo, book people), and then headed to bouldin creek for some refreshment and some advance menu-scoping (for probable sunday brunch). we sat at the bar and had an iced chai (duh) and a mexican mocha, and waited to get hungry again.

eventually we made our way to guero’s, about 24 hours later than planned but better than not at all! we were excited to see an entire section of the menu dedicated to vegan nomz, and then i sat there for ages trying to decide. we went with queso again, because seriously, so awesome to have the option, and then i got the breakfast tacos. you can choose from a bunch of different fillings and i went with black beans & potatoes, with a side of guacamole. it was insanely delicious. my husband had the chalupas de celeste, also great. guero’s makes me so, so happy.

we strolled around south congress for a bit, seeing what there was to see, and in the process we wandered past hey cupcake, a cupcake trailer that apparently has 4 vegan options every day (or at least, they had 4 tonight!). i passed those up, though, because i had designs on going to toy joy… which, oh my yum, soft serve! we browsed the store forever waiting to digest our dinner a little, and then faced the board of a hundred options. my husband went with a straight-up cone of coconut soft serve, and i had a mint cookie shake. it was fabulous, and now i am stuffed.

but tomorrow, i am fairly certain i will do it all over again.


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