austin: toy joy

vegan soft serve
i’ve been hearing about the magical vegan soft serve at toy joy for ages now, but didn’t get a chance to try it until we were there last week. i essentially made a beeline the first night that we could, and we were not disappointed. when we walked in, we mentioned that we were first-timers and the worker bees behind the counter were super sweet to us, pointing out aaaaallll the vegan options and basically making me giddy as the proverbial schoolgirl. they have two flavors of soft serve every day (vanilla, plus another flavor that rotates every week or two), plus a bunch of toppings, and they also have a giant list of shakes that are ALL vegan. woo!

for our first trip, my husband decided to be a purist and just try a plain soft serve cone, in the flavor of the week (coconut).

coconut soft serve

and i went for a mint cookie shake, in the adorable ‘baby’ size (which is still 9 oz, and plenty if you ask me).

mint cookie shake

we stood outside in the gorgeous hot night-time weather, and ate our ice creams like normals. yay! a couple of days later, we went back for a refreshing treat in the middle of the afternoon. my husband got the faux-butterfinger shake, and i got a strawberry shake. they were both amazing. if i lived in austin, i would visit toy joy constantly. in fact, when we lived there, it used to be one of our regular spots to go, because of all the entertaining things to look at (it’s actually a toy/collectibles store), so it was really fun to go back, and the addition of vegan ice cream only made it ten times more fantastic.



  1. I love toy joy. Now I am totally craving a shake! I can’t wait until the girls open there own ice cream shop, it is going to be so great!

    1. oh wait! are the geniuses behind the toy joy soft serve the same ones with the twitter account trying to open their own place? sweet ritual (am i remembering that name correctly?)?

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