austin: bouldin creek coffee house

when we lived in austin, we never went to bouldin creek. in the 11 years since we’ve moved away (but visited as frequently as we could), we’ve never gone to bouldin creek. but prior to this trip, we heard from a few different sources that they have the BEST tofu scramble around, so we made it a priority to check it out. well, at this point i’m mourning all the years of lost visits, had we only known sooner. their food is amazing! the vibe is great, they serve breakfast all day (always a plus in my book), and they have lots and lots of vegan options.

we first visited on friday afternoon, just as a “leisure pit stop” while we waited to get hungry for our guero’s dinner (heh). we decided to stop in and have some cold drinks and chat, and that way we could pre-shop the menu for a return brunch visit. we sat at the bar and i got an iced chai; my husband got a mexican mocha with almond milk–both were super tasty. the barista was really nice–friendly and helpful with suggestions, but also let us sit there and talk for as long as we wanted. we scanned the menu for awhile and made plans to come back at our earliest brunch availability… which ended up being on sunday.

we arrived to not-terrible crowds (i’d been expecting a line out the door, so it was a pleasant surprise) and after a short wait, we were seated in a small room away from the main dining areas. we got the same drinks as friday (they were delicious!) and then got down to the business of brunch. i ordered the el tipico, which (spoiler alert) was so amazing that i came back three days in a row and ordered it every time. gah, the tofu scramble, it is everything we had heard. amazing.

el tipico

tofu scramble, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, plus salsa, fire puree (jalapeños and what have you), and corn tortillas to make your own breakfast tacos. gah! oh, plus that delightful potato hash cake there. yum, yum, yum.

my husband ordered the rennedict, which had also come highly recommended. we were there a little after 11.30am (the menu says they serve it until 11.30am or until they run out), but he was able to get it anyway. hooray!

the rennedict

tofu scramble, plus tomatoes and spinach and tofu bacon (somewhere in there) and a vegan hollandaise sauce over the top. i tasted the sauce; it was creamy and a little tangy and YUM. he also got a side of refried black beans and a grapefruit. we left there very full, and very happy. i resolved that we should come back daily until we no longer had that option.

so, the next morning, we found ourselves right back there again! this time we sat in the main dining room, which was a little more bustle-y but also fun. i read the menu forever but just couldn’t bear the thought of getting anything besides el tipico again. i mean, breakfast tacos! with the best tofu scramble EVAR aaaaaand a potato hash cake? there really wasn’t another option for me. my husband, however, likes to branch out, so he got the oven cake breakfast.

oven cake breakfast

it also included tofu scramble (yay!) but in addition these amazingly tasty blueberry corn cakes. i tried one, and it was awesome. as you can see, he again opted for a side of refried black beans, and grapefruit.

on day three, we decided to get up early and squeeze in one last visit before our flight. i was whining about it at first (i am not a get-up-early person if i can ever help it), but it was SO worth it to get to bouldin creek one more time. we sat outside on the cute patio (complete with generous doggie water station) and soaked up our last morning in austin. i again had my el tipico (i love you!), but my husband tried yet another new thing, the tamale breakfast.

tamale breakfast

tofu scramble for the win, plus two sweet potato & pecan tamales (soooo good!), plus extra fixings to make breakfast tacos… and again with the beans (red + black this time) and grapefruit.

this sign was propped up on the patio, near our table, and we longingly stared at it for awhile.

i wish

if we lived in austin, i think we’d eat at bouldin creek a lot. like, A LOT a lot. enough that i’d actually try other menu items, maybe!



  1. did eric make breakfast tacos with some of the tamales inside? because, too had breakfast tamales (in Sacramento) and OH MY HECK were they awesome in tacos. hi.

  2. he’s crazy, so he did not. he ate it all like a scramble and then just dipped the tortillas in salsa or some such nonsense. i, on the other hand, had 2-4 tacos every single day we were in austin.

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