austin: bananarchy

we heard about this little frozen banana cart shortly before our trip, and i made sure to write it down on the list of “please let’s try” places. the day before we left, it was 107 degrees (like every single other day we were there, ha ha), and we decided to spend the afternoon at barton springs pool (it always seems weird to call it a pool, but i guess…). bananarchy is right near barton springs, so we stopped after swimming to have a refreshing late-afternoon treat.

we pulled into the little parking lot and strolled up to the cart. because they are rad, they have a tip jar that says “put money in the banana stand.” (and of course i did.)

the girl working inside was awesome; super friendly and sweet. we told her we were newbies and had no idea what we were doing, then told her we were vegan, and she expertly narrowed down our list of toppings to the vegan stuff. they have some great options, and you can build your own or go with a pre-made combination. we each built our own (apologies for sketchy quality):

frozen bananas

on the left is mine, which had vegan chocolate sauce and crushed oreos. on the right is my husband’s, which had vegan chocolate sauce and nuts. this was our first time trying frozen bananas, and it was a fantastic introduction; they were both beyond delicious. mine was definitely super-dessert-y, and my husband’s was kind of like a frozen peanut butter & banana sandwich, with a chocolate bonus. gah, so good!

we sat behind the carts where there was a little covered area and a few picnic tables, and watched an adorable squirrel scavenge around for dropped crumbs and chopped nuts. we also patted ourselves on the back quite heartily for choosing such a healthy snack (hee). my husband totally wants to open a frozen banana stand now.


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