austin: all the rest

okay, i really need to finish talking about austin (love!) so i can get started talking about portland (also love!). so, here comes a big ‘and everything else’ kind of post.

i mentioned previously our super-nostalgia for kerbey lane and guero’s, and we made return trips to both. i really love that i can get my back-in-the-day pancake at kerbey all vegan-style these days, and i will never NOT love going to guero’s. i would eat there every day, no joke. but we also squeezed in some other spots during our trip, including a few that were brand new to us.

we checked out a new-ish austin spot, called snack bar, with a friend for brunch one day. she picked the place, and it turned out to be a nice little spot. my husband had the perico con arepas, our friend had some kind of quinoa salad, and i had the french toast. all of our food was good, and they let us hang out and chat forever, which is always a plus.

we also hit up mother’s one evening for ‘early dinner.’ you see, i had Big Plans to go to the vegan yacht for ‘later dinner’ so i was trying to eat early enough that i could get hungry again. aaah, vacation. anyhow, mother’s is a place we frequented (somewhat. maybe more like occasioned.) when we lived in austin, and we visited twice on our last visit a couple of years ago, so we definitely wanted to go back. my husband, who is prone to ordering reubens, went for their reuben.


hilariously, it did not include ‘meat’ of any kind. it was basically a giant grilled cheese sauerkraut sandwich. what the? once he realized that, he ordered a side of their wheat roast (which was super tasty!) and piled it on there himself. i ordered the spicy tempeh enchiladas, with an order of guacamole (always).

spicy tempeh enchiladas

it was also really good, and i’m pretty sure i ate the same thing two years ago and liked it. i’m a creature of habit, what can i say?

so then the race was on to force more hunger, because i was not about to be denied the vegan yacht. i had heard about it before going to austin, and had my mind set on it… and then learned that they were closed on sundays and mondays, which translated to near-tragedy. we tried to busy ourselves in active ways to burn off our early dinner in preparation for the late one, but it was a struggle. we went to wheatsville coop to do that nerdy grocery shopping thing us vegans like to do, plus it gave us the chance to ogle the gorgeous vegan doughnuts from red rabbit:

vegan doughnuts <3
((no matter WHAT i do i cannot get this picture to center without screwing the code up entirely, so here it stays.))

and then eventually we decided to head over to where the food carts live, and see if we could conjure up some hunger. welp, we wandered the little food cart court, and everything looked delicious, but i still felt like i was bursting with food, and i just couldn’t do it. so instead we decided to walk up and down the entirety of 6th street, which… well, let’s just say that’s not our typical scene. i know it’s a big austin thing, and whatever, and i’ve been in a couple of those places way back when, but… MEH. bars and bars and bars and people out hawking the bars on the sidewalk and blerg. but still, a nice energetic walk! in 105 degree heat (even at 10pm)! that’s sure to jump-start the appetite, no?


i’m telling you, this was a sad, sad evening. i wanted to eat the vegan yacht food so badly, and i just couldn’t make my stomach get on board. and i knew that if i didn’t eat it then, i wouldn’t get the chance, because they’d be closed for the next two days and then we’d be leaving town. sad trombone, first world problems, yadda yadda.

so here’s what i did: i bought a ginormous ‘freeto burrito’ (oh yes i did) and then i took it to the hotel room and stared at it for an hour, safe in its foil trappings, willing myself to get hungry. and it eventually worked. hooray! and oh god, it was delicious. it’s basically the veganized (and classed-up) version of frito pie, in a burrito. tempeh chili, blue corn chips, some daiya, and who knows what else, all smushed together into a big pile of awesome. totally worth it.

i can’t wait to go back.



  1. you are hilarious! I try to avoid 6th street except for SXSW because I can take the scene for about 5 minutes before panic sets in. But now the Alamo Ritz is down there in the thick of it so I have to go all the time. I’m glad you got to try the freeto burrito, I love that thing!

  2. Hi there 🙂 Wildmindgirl here (From the old Vegan Represents). I got back on the site and saw it had changed to Plant Based People and that all the people I really liked haven’t seemed to log in since around November of 2011 and you’re one of them! I would sure love to stay connected so just stopping by to say hello! I added your blog to my sidebar so I can keep up with what’s going on in your blog world.

    I’ve lost almost 100 pounds since I was last on VR and am now living in sunny, New Mexico.


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