kicking off vegan mofo 2011

woo hoo, mofo is here! i’m not the most consistent blogger these days, and i’m also almost never a recipe blogger, but i DO like to talk about food, so i plan to use mofo to kickstart my blogging habit again, and i will do my best to keep it on the food topic this month. i’m going to start with an easy one: my favorite take-out vegan mac & cheeze here in town. my awesome husband brought me some today, and i thought, aha! mofo moment! i shall snap a picture and blog about the cheezy goodness. and voila:

mac & trees

this is the cutely-named mac & trees (the broccoli pieces are the trees, aww!) from the riverwest co-op. my picture turned out a little crazy, because i’m still learning how to use this new app for my iPhone, but whatever, i’m going for it. vegan mofo is for being a little carefree, is it not? [also pictured: some adorable yellow cherry tomatoes from our garden.]

i love mac & trees because it’s really different from my favorite go-to recipe that i always make at home, and it’s also different from any other mac & cheeze i’ve tried. coincidentally, earlier today at lunch, a couple of us were talking about this gorgeous stuff and we were trying to figure out what they put in it. then later my husband brought home a container for me and lo and behold, there were ingredients on the little deli label! i’d never noticed that before, but i like the timing.

so here’s the mystery, somewhat solved: organic pasta, organic broccoli, organic soy milk, organic tamari, tofu, canola oil, organic dijon mustard, organic spices. sounds simple enough. all i know is, i’ve been eating it for years, and i will eat it as long as they keep putting it there in the case. it is useless to resist.



  1. That looks really good! I love how there are so many vegan mac&cheese recipes and they’re all delicious in different ways. I’ve never made one with tofu before!

  2. Yum! I love any kind of mac & cheese but mac & cheese with broc’s one of my favourites. I would love it if there was somewhere around here that sold a vegan macaroni cheese.

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