vegan breakfast burrito, plus bonus beach pictures

early this morning, what seems like perhaps 37 hours ago, i dragged myself out of bed to drive my very accomplished athletic husband to his third marathon in a year. well, his first marathon was a year ago this weekend, so i’m exaggerating ever so slightly, but let’s just say he ran his first marathon a year ago and now he’s hooked. this one has a finish line somewhat near our house, so i drove him north to the start, then met him three hours later at the finish line. i am not an early riser by nature, so having an alarm go off at 6.30am on a sunday was a little tragic for me. anyhow, i’m sure i’ll pull through.

he did really well, and finished in 3:11:50, which is not too shabby! after he was finished, we went home so he could shower and change, and then we walked two blocks to watch more people who were still out on the course (we live really near the course, around the 22-mile point). we took maia along, and after about an hour of wandering/watching/cheering, we decided to take advantage of our newly-accessible access to lake michigan, and let maia see the beach for the first time. we moved to this house in the end of december, and i was pretty excited to be right near the lake, envisioning all these lovely summer strolls along the beach… and then as soon as spring happened, they started a MAJOR construction situation over there, and the beach was completely unusable and inaccessible all spring and summer. boooo. but! this week it opened up again, so we took maia down to check it out.

maia at lake michigan

she loved it! she got really excited as soon as she started walking on the sand (memories of the racetrack atmosphere, maybe?) and the closer we got to the water, the goofier she acted. she kept doing play behaviors at the waves lapping onto the shore, like she thought they were trying to play with her. it was hilarious and adorable.

maia at lake michigan

okay, but this is vegan mofo, and i’m supposed to be talking about food, so let’s get to it. by this time, we were both starving (me because i’d been awake for 37 hours and my husband because he’d, you know, run a billion miles), so we decided to head to our very favorite spot for lunch.

vegan breakfast burrito + hash browns

this is the vegan breakfast burrito (with hash browns) from comet cafe, and it’s our standard go-to when we’re in the brunchy mood. you can get breakfast at comet until 3pm every day, which is like the best thing ever, so we eat a lot of these suckers. the burrito has tofu scramble, pico de gallo, a nice thick red sauce, and vegan sour cream. it’s always served with hash browns, and i’m a total mess so i basically just cut it all up and mix it together. amazing. (i spared you, however, and photographed it before i made it look like garbage.) my other breakfast favorite Β is their vegan pancakes, which are giant and fluffy and delicious. today my husband got both(!) and you can see a bit of his pancake in the background there. we eat at comet A LOT, like so much that i’m pretty sure we should have our own booth. i imagine i’ll blog about them again this month, so stay tuned.



  1. A) Your husband is such a bad ass for running his third marathon – congrats 2 him on such an AWESOME achievement! And to you for getting up so early – I hate mornings, too πŸ™‚

    B) When I first started reading this, I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see the pic of your gorgeous dog, so when I got to the name “Maia” and say that you took her to see the beach for the first time, I was like: Wha? Who?? Maia?! Veganchai HAD A BABY?!? LOL!

    C) I can’t believe I’ve never been to Comet Cafe before! I love Milwaukee so much, so next time I’m visiting I’ll definitely head there for lunch (maybe I can borrow your booth?)!

    PS Happy VeganMoFo – I’m excited to follow your posts πŸ™‚

  2. That looks like a great day, I love watching other peoples dogs running around on the beach! I love the idea of a brunch burrito too, i need to make one soon!

  3. jd — ha! no babies here, just cats and a dog who’d never been to the beach. πŸ˜‰ and you MUST go to comet! they have so many vegan options, usually including a ton of cupcakes and a couple of pies. yum yum yum.

    and thanks, all, for tolerating this food post that was mostly about running and dogs. πŸ˜‰

  4. Congrats to your husband, running a marathon must be difficult, so props to him!

    Maia is a beautiful girl, I’ve always wanted to adopt a greyhound or two, hopefully one day I can. I love that she was playing with the water πŸ™‚

    And wow, I really want to try making a burrito for breakfast, it looks and sounds amazingly good.

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