berry cake + berry pie (and lunch)

a few days ago we went out for late lunch, and then realized as the restaurant filled up, we were eating lunch when everyone else was coming in for dinner. ha! we’re weird. we went to one of our regular haunts, beans & barley, and i totally forgot to take pictures of our food. sad trombone. i can describe it, though, because it was amazing! i had a cup of moroccan split pea soup and the TLT (tempeh, lettuce, & tomato) sandwich, and my husband had a garden salad with ginger dressing and the tofu fajitas.

the moroccan split pea soup is amazing! it almost has a cinnamon-y, applesauce-y thing about it, which sounds insane and probably disgusting, but i assure you it’s delicious. they serve it with a roll, which is not vegan (honey), but they always catch on that we’re vegan when we order and they bring us the (far superior) vegan roll instead. AND they’ve started bringing a little dollop of earth balance, to boot! gotta love that. the TLT sammich was soooo good. smoked tempeh, tomatoes, lettuce, a bit of vegenaise, and a bit of guacamole on toasted bread. again–default bread not vegan, but got the heads up from our server right away and switched it to a vegan one. yay! that sandwich was out of this world; just the right amount of crunchy and creamy and smoky and warm… and this is coming from a person who: (a) doesn’t usually like eating tomatoes, (b) doesn’t usually like smoky things, and (c) has never had ‘real’ bacon. amazing sandwich!

my husband always orders their garden salad, which has a wide variety of veggies in it, plus some nuts, and he loves the ginger dressing. his tofu fajitas are also a somewhat regular choice–served up like regular fajitas would be, with vegan sour cream subbed in because they’re good people.

and then! dessert! which i did remember to take pictures of, lucky you. i had the pink raspberry cake, and my husband had the cherry pie. they were both berry-licious.

pink raspberry cake

cherry pie

the cake was almost like a pound cake… fairly dense (but not in a bad way) and with a light vanilla flavor. the frosting was raspberry buttercream, and then there were raspberry preserves on top. typically i aim for chocolate-type desserts (not always, but often), but this was a nice alternative. i didn’t taste the cherry pie, because i think cherry pie is gross (i know), but my husband said it was fantastic. they do their vegan desserts up right–my two favorites of theirs are the chocolate peanut butter cake, and the red velvet cake. to die for. oh! i just remembered i have a picture of the red velvet, so let’s throw that in here too:

red velvet cake

as i also said about comet yesterday, we eat at beans & barley pretty often, so you might even see another post about them this month. dare to dream.



  1. hee, jeni, i don’t know what puds are so i’m going to guess maybe that was an autocorrect for pics? either that or i’m really out of the loop!

    kristen, that red velvet cake is INSANE amounts of delicious. super moist, totally amazing. and i love how tall it is, too!

    1. I’m guessing “puds” is short for puddings, which is the across the pond way to say desserts. But, yeah, could be a typo, too.

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